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Dance Classes, Workshops & Socials

Embodied offers dance classes, workshops, private lessons, socials and retreats specializing in the partner dances of Brazilian Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata, Latin Fusion, and Ecstatic Dance.


Please contact Rachel at for inquiries about upcoming events, private lessons and rates. 

No upcoming events at the moment

What is Brazilian Zouk?

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If you have never experienced this beautiful and mesmerizing dance, you are in for a treat! Brazilian Zouk, also known as "Zouk-Lambada," is a partner dance with origins in Lambada and traditionally danced to "Zouk" music made popular in the French Caribbean. Brazilian Zouk can be characterized by its smooth and flowing nature as well as its circular upper body movements, dramatic hair whips, dips, and magical connection. As this dance has evolved along with popular music and dance trends, you will now see various styles where partners may deviate from the traditional rhythm to allow for musical interpretation and enhanced partner connection. Brazilian Zouk can be danced to many musical genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, New Age, & Pop (to name a few), lending itself to be enjoyed by a wide range of dancers (or non-dancers) from all backgrounds!

Rachel's Dance Bio

Rachel Ashley Meth has been studying and teaching various partner dances for almost 20 years. Her passion started with a salsa class in 2003 that led to many years of studying different Latin dances. In 2008, Rachel was inspired to move to Buenos Aires to learn tango. Much to her surprise, she ended up falling in love with and learning Brazilian Zouk instead. The moment she saw a room full of Zouk dancers whipping their hair and body rolling, she knew she was in trouble! She spent the next twelve years of her life (the first few years as one of only a handful of Zouk teachers in the US), avidly studying and teaching this dance while helping to build Zouk communities around the country. She also helped to organize one of the first Zouk festivals in the US, and over the years has organized various festivals and retreats and been booked as a featured Zouk artist at a variety of events. 


Alongside this outward journey, Rachel was also immersing herself in a deep and profound inward journey of meditation practices. This has a great influence on the way that she teaches and the types of events she organizes. She became a pioneer in creating destination retreats that combine Zouk, meditation, nature, and spiritual exploration. All of her classes and events include a flavor of these elements.


Rachel currently resides in Jemez Springs, New Mexico where she is building a small retreat on her land. She still runs her organization, Embodied LLC and also works full-time for a Tibetan Buddhist organization. She is dedicated to spreading joyful awareness, loving kindness, embodied exploration, and compassionate connection through every event she offers.

Here are some videos that showcase Brazilian Zouk with Rachel. 

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