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EMBODIED with Rachel

Our mission is to support and empower one another in cultivating awareness, peace, connection, joy and personal growth through dance, movement, mindfulness, and meditation practices.

We want to support you to LIVEMBODIED by

*fostering improved body and emotional awareness

*cultivating more peace, ease and joy in our lives

*strengthening relationships with ourselves, others, & the natural world 

*developing personal movement and meditation practices

*exploring restorative, healing, and preventative care practices

*nurturing healthy communication, awareness, and empathy

*encouraging self-expression, creativity, loving kindness, & compassion

*building and strengthening our own sense of "tribe" and community

Our programs include Embodied Dance, Embodied Retreats, Embodied Life & Embodied Youth.

Founder & Director, Rachel Meth


Rachel is a dedicated and passionate teacher, guide, and dancer as well as the founder and director of EMBODIED LLC and its umbrella programs. Her deep passion is to inspire and empower others to live an embodied, connected, and joyful life through dance, movement, mindfulness and meditation practices. Her enthusiasm for teaching has inspired both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education, and she has been working as an educator in schools for over 16 years while also instructing dance, meditation and yoga. She holds secondary teaching certificates in five different states in addition to certificates and training in Spirituality, Health, and Healing; Reiki; Open Heart Meditation; Mindfulness Fundamentals; The Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training; Learning to Breathe: A Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents; Zumba; Embodied Dance Instruction, Embodied Zouk Instruction, RYT 200 through High Desert Yoga, and is a Community Advisor  and Learning Circle Mentor for the Tibetan Buddhist Namchak Foundation.

     Rachel has been engaged in various meditation techniques and embodied practices from a young age. She trained avidly in her youth and collegiate years as an athlete, which ingrained a sense of mindful awareness, embodiment, and an appreciation for "tribe" and community into her life. After graduating college, beginning her teaching career, and becoming certified as a Zumba instructor, Rachel began studying and immersing herself in a wide variety of social and creative dance forms from various cultures. She began to realize that dancing is a perfect mindful avenue through which we can cultivate awareness as well as explore and heal our relationships to ourselves, others, and our communities. Rachel enjoys weaving together her practices of meditation, mindfulness, dance, yoga, personal discovery, travel, and community building. She believes that the lessons we take away from the dance floor with these integrated practices can help us evolve and transform as human and spiritual beings. 

     Over the years, Rachel has been dedicated to traveling, training, teaching, and organizing events and retreats to bring people and communities together through dance, mindful movement, meditative practices, and healing and empowerment work.  
Rachel organizes events all over the world and currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.