Movement. Peace. Connection. Joy.


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"Dance to awaken your soul, your truth, your connection to humanity, your connection to the divine. Dance to embrace beauty and imperfection, to surrender to love, to confront fear, to relinquish control. Dance to align with the pulse of the universe, to be in compassionate harmony with your being and all beings. Dance to be  expansive, to be love, to be infinitely connected. Dance to collect and disperse the pieces of your stardust as you fly, collide, twirl, enmesh, collapse, embrace, whirl, and release into the arms of the loving Mystery."
-Rachel Ashley, Founder and Director of Embodied 

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How can we create our most fulfilling, joyful, and connected lives? Through EMBODIED, we invite you to return to your body, to come home to feeling fully present, alive, compassionate, peaceful,  and happy.